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My name is Quinn. I am a retired IT professional with backgrounds in system programming, architecture and network security for large government IT systems. I have solid working knowledge of over a dozen programming languages on several platforms. In my retirement I develop and admin numerous websites, gratis, for non-profits. and continue to learn new (to me) programming languages. I am now venturing into mobile development, specifically, native Apps for iPhone and Android.

Several of my websites can be viewed here:

I have access to and work with Apple products - iPhone, iPod, iPad, Macbook Pro (iOS, Mac OS 12.1) - as well as Intel based computers (Windows, Linux). I prefer development on my MacBook, but can use a Windows box.

I am not on a career path, nor do I seek yet another degree (already have several). I'm taking this course to begin prototyping mobile App's for a motorcycle riding group and a veteran organization.

A unique aspect about me is I ride an Indian Motorcycle.

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