The Modelling Agency

Which agency focuses on what sort of style? Should you choose a big agency or a small agency? You need to answer these questions before you sign up with an agency.

If youíre not already noting which model comes from which agency, start now. Each agency has a particular style, and promotes that through their choice of model. Look at the models from one agency and you will see a commonality. Would you fit in there? Also look at all the agencies and decide which one suits your look. If you try and sign up with an agency that doesnít suit, you may not get much work. Youíre better off choosing wisely in the beginning. Do your homework.

The most useful agencies usually are those that are focused primarily on marketing and representation. Unless you have good reason, it is sometimes wise to look carefully at those involved in selling photography, classes or composites to you.

This is not a criticism of modelling schools, as they have a role to play. The idea is simply "it is hard to be both a credible school and successful agency."

If you are new to modelling and currently enrolled in classes, it is fine if the modelling school represents you. When you are finished your classes it is then time to turn your attention to choosing an agency to market and represent you.

You also need to think about whether to be represented by a large agency or a small one. Small agencies can get you just as much work as larger ones. Alas, they might also pay less. But a small agency might be friendlier, with easier access to people who can give you advice. Larger agencies are more likely to pay well, but you could work less because there are so many models. A large agency might send you on lots of go-sees because they have lots of clients, itís also true that there are more models in the same agency competing for the job.

We suggest caution in selecting online agencies. There is little purpose in listing with an online agency that has only a few models. Most people will not take time to visit a small site - in the industry, time is money.

You want to choose an agency that is committed to making money for you. It is usually good to start with a smaller agency in your geographical area. If you have no luck locating an agency, I can help you. IFMO (International Freelance Modeling Organization) is not an agency. Me and my associates will work closely with your agency to help secure you terrific exposure.