Model Requirements

What qualities does a model need? Like the Graces of Greek mythology, she needs to embody a range of pleasing qualities. The modern goddess needs to be a physical beauty, be well organized, enthusiastic, professional, patient, disciplined and healthy.


A fresh, youthful beauty is needed. You need to be between 172cm and 183cm, and weigh between 52kg and 54kg. That weight must be evenly spread across your frame. Your face must also be photogenic. And, of course, your skin, hair, teeth and nails must be immaculate and healthy.


If you canít organize yourself you may as well stop any idea of being a model right now. A modelís life can be very hectic, with many different appointments at different times in different places with different people, all in one day. If youíre ever late, or donít even turn up for a job youíll find it very hard to keep on working in the industry because so many other people at a session are relying on you to be there!


If youíre bored by it all, why do it? Effervescence spreads throughout a crew, gives everyone a life and makes the products or clothes come to life, too. Beauty can be dead until itís ignited by passion, and thatís true as much in modelling as it is in love!


A professional is someone whoís there to do the job to the best of their ability, always remembering that they are providing a service for others. Itís not an opportunity to Ďput on airsí, bad-mouth others (especially not the client or their products) or waste peopleís time with unnecessary requests. Being the object of attention might be pleasant, but youíre there to do a job, not be adored.


Stamping your foot over a delay or an error won't endear you to others. Sessions can seem interminable as the photographer adjusts his or her equipment, itís hot and there are itchy insects buzzing about. Just keep smiling.


Modelling isn't the most regular or the most relaxing of jobs. Youíll need to have a consistent work practice at the core of your life: exercise, relaxation, plenty of sleep and no substance abuse. Your weight and figure will need to be consistent from one shoot to the next. Sometimes you will be required to be away from home on extended shoots and that will require an emotional discipline.


Are you still sure you want to be a model? If you have an existing chronic illness or a tendency towards sickness, maybe you should reconsider. Modelling can be extremely stressful emotionally and physically. Often youíll be called upon to work long hours in uncomfortable positions, travelling to difficult sites in inclement weather. It'í a good idea to have a medical before you even think about contacting an agency. Youíll need to eat well and appropriately, thinking not only of your shape, but also nutrition. Undernourished models just canít stand the pace, as well as damaging their health. Being physically healthy will help to cope with the emotional and mental demands as well. It will help if you have healthy ways of relaxing, for example walking or meditating.